Meet Adele Trefry︎︎︎

You might find Adele sitting on a park bench listening to a stranger’s life story. She’s an observer—taking in information to create authentic experience. She loves working with others and has a knack for strategy and communication. Her love for art and design began with photography, specifically medium format film.

Outside of her bubble she enjoys learning Krav Maga and enjoying her pets company.

Odd Things About Her
︎︎︎Owns 13 chickens
︎︎︎Obsessed with Dr. Martins, she has 5 pairs
︎︎︎Everything in her closet is thrifted
︎︎︎Enjoys the small things in life

Featured Work
2019. Ads Of The World
2019. De Zeen           
2018. South Magazine
2018. Ok, Okay Magazine
2017. Scad Manor Fashion Magazine